Meet the Maker

Indie Beauty Founders

Discover the inspiring Founders and their stories, behind the best clean beauty and wellness brands. 

Indie Beauty: Defining New Standards in Beauty

Independent beauty Brands founded on passion and ethical values are paving the way for new standards in beauty. Redefining what consumers will demand as clean and green is changing the industry for the better. As the world struggles with climate change and now a global pandemic and the subsequent economic fallout, Indie beauty is steadfast, focused on its mantra of quality and equality.

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Choosing a Clean Beauty Lifestyle: Why I made the change.

I am in awe of the spirit and motivation of Indie beauty founders. Their passion and love of the environment sees them step up and do their part to tackle sustainability and climate change in ways government officials still have not. Guided by their wisdoms, I have adopted this informed and sustainable ethos in my lifestyle and approach to consumption.

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