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Kissed Earth Supplements

Beauty starts within, with Rachel Finch

Wellness and beauty start from within, and Kissed Earth beauty supplements support a holistic approach to healthy skin, hair and nail function. Not all supplements are created equal and the quest for the right supplement can be overwhelming, confusing as well as costly. We have tried and tested hundreds of supplements, but it wasn’t until I road tested Kissed Earth Unflavoured Brilliance (Bovine Collagen powder) that I experienced the transformation the right supplement can achieve. Within twelve weeks my skin was glowing and flawless – my fine lines were less noticeable, my redness was calm, and the firmness of my skin was visible, people were commenting on how “well” I looked. Not to mention not a pimple in sight, my hair was shiny and my nails strong.

Developed by TV host, model and wellness guru Rachel Finch, and blended by leading food scientists, uses only the finest and most potent and effective botanicals, superfoods, probiotics, and collagen available.

This week we launch the new Marine Collagen and introduce the Mushroom Elixir range by Kissed Earth to our offering here at TNC – thus far I’m certainly loving the benefits of the Brain Elixir! We talk to Kissed Earth on the benefits of intracellular beauty and why mushrooms are sooo good.

Vanessa: The Brilliance Collagen was the first product in the Kissed Earth range I tried and now I can’t live without it. Collagen is a big focus in the Kissed Earth range. What is the importance of collagen for skin health?

Kissed Earth: That’s so good to hear! Neither can I! Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is responsible for strengthening all our connective tissue – think of it as the glue that holds everything together. It can be found everywhere – bones, joints, ligaments, skin, hair, nails, blood vessels, the digestive tract and so much more. As we age, we produce less collagen naturally and so daily supplementation can assist with many functions within the body, keeping it strong and giving it that youthful glow. But remember all collagen is not equal – there are different types and grades of collagen produced across the world and it’s important to consume clean, high quality hydrolysed collagen that has a high bioavailability.


Brilliance Collagen

100% pure bovine collagen powder

A nourishing collagen booster. Pure, ethically sourced bovine collagen to support your natural collagen production for a healthy glow from within.

Best for: boosting collagen for healthy skin, hair and nails


Volume: 180 grams - 30 x 6g sachets

Vanessa: People often ask the difference between Bovine Collagen and Marine Collagen. With Kissed Earth launching the new Marine Collagen, can you help us understand the difference?

Kissed Earth: The main difference is where it is sourced from and what types of collagen each provide. Our Luminous marine collagen is our true beauty focused collagen, it’s sourced from wild caught fish from France and contains type 1 collagen. Daily supplementation of Luminous will help to improve the skin’s elasticity, tone, texture, and firmness, as well as strengthening the hair and nails. Our Brilliance bovine collagen is sourced from pasture raised cows and contains type 1 and 3 collagen. Not only will you get the beauty benefits, but you’ll also see improvements in bone density, muscles, joints, ligaments and so much more. Choosing between marine and bovine is totally a personal preference.


Luminous Collagen

100% pure marine collagen supplement.

A nourishing collagen booster. Pure, ethically sourced marine collagen to support your natural collagen production for a healthy glow from within.

Best for: boosting collagen for healthy skin, hair and nails


Volume: 90 grams - 30 x 3g sachets

Vanessa: Does the time of the day or how you take the supplement matter?

Kissed Earth: Not really. Our collagen is the purest collagen available in the world – we use hydrolysed collagen peptides and so it is 99.9% bioavailable, which means as soon as you take it the body will utilise it. You can enjoy it at any time of day – I love adding it to my coffee every morning. You could also put it in your smoothie, soups, stews, baked goods or mix it into sauces.

Vanessa: The Kissed Earth supplements are powdered supplements, which are super easy to use in my opinion, but why not in a single tablet form?

Kissed Earth: A lot of our powdered supplements are designed to be incorporated into a healthy diet and are not only beneficial for your body but are delicious! We believe we have the best tasting organic vegan protein powder in Australia! Our customers love creating healthy meals in the kitchen with it – pancakes, bliss balls, healthy slices, and so much more. However, we do understand that some people would prefer the convenience of a capsule and so… stay tuned.

Vanessa: I have been using the Brain Elixir and I am certain I am seeing a boost in clarity at work, especially around that 2pm – 3pm slump. Seeing the power of mushrooms firsthand I’m devoted to the Brain Elixir. Could you tell us more about how this range came about and why mushrooms are so vital to health and inner balance?

Kissed Earth: Mushrooms have been used in Eastern medicine for centuries. They are known for their medicinal properties and act as adaptogens – helping the body adapt to a variety of stress, whether that be environmental, physical, biological, or emotional. They can truly take our health to the next level and we have been so excited to see some incredible results with our 3 mushroom and herb blends. Instead of offering multiple individual mushrooms, we wanted to make it easy for people by creating unique blends that had different health benefits.

Divine Woman is all about supporting the female reproductive system and balancing out the hormones. We see a lot of women regulating their cycle and reducing symptoms of PMS with this blend.

Magic 8 is our powerhouse for immunity and energy – a great blend to take if you’re new to mushrooms or just want to keep the body strong.

Brain Elixir has been designed for anyone who wants to improve focus, clarity, memory, and overall mental performance. A perfect 3pm coffee swap! We see a lot of busy Mums, business owners and students using this product. I’m so glad you are feeling the benefits of it!

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