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The Clean Code Non-Toxic Beauty Products

Our Commitment

Uncompromisingly clean and safe, non-toxic ingredients and formulations. 

Environmental and social consciousness. Sustainable, cruelty free and good manufacturing practices. 

From source to skin. Natural Organic, raw and wildcrafted ingredients for optimal purity, freshness and quality. 

Science and nature in harmony. Botanical actives with proven efficacy. 

Ingredient Ethos:

Natural & Organic from Source to Skin

At The NATIVES Co. we search for innovation in traditional and emerging markets that utilise science and harness the power of nature for a simple, effective and sustainable approach to skincare and well-being. 

Committed to sourcing brands that go beyond the elimination of toxic chemicals as a standard, our clean beauty mantra focuses on what is in the product and the efficiency of the formulation, not just what it leaves out. We only endorse brands that honour the highest standards of sourcing policies, sustainability ethos and manufacturing models. Our brands pay homage to the ingredients they use. They look to origins, the regions and the harvesting practices of the ingredients they choose. Using only quality ingredients that are certified organic, natural, toxin free and in some brands wild-crafted, is part of the beauty in these potent and powerful natural products.

Potent & Effective

We look to brands that do not prioritise cost over functionality. Our brands all believe that healthy skin is achieved by using pure formulations enriched with the best nutritional ingredients found in nature. We consider their natural or organic ingredients, how they are offered, blended and supported in a formulation that supports and nourishes our skin, body, hair, and well-being.

Through this knowledge we select for you the most potent and effective products to support graceful, positive and healthy anti-aging rituals.

The Clean Code Decoded

At The NATIVES Co. you will find icons assigned to our products as a guide to how each product meets the most important standards in The Clean Code. 


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