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Passion for Natives........

“Passion and dedication to skincare and wellness where every conversation begins with natural & organic ingredients and their botanical origin.”

— Vanessa, Co-Founder The NATIVES CO.

Our Natives Co. name

The NATIVES Co. name and ethos are multi-layered, with a strong connection to the earth. A reference to botanicals and the role these amazing plants play in our skincare and wellbeing. We also consider how natives plants thrive and coexist in their ecosystems, not taking more than they need or exploiting their surrounding environment.  

We believe this is a model we can all aspire to. A choice that becomes a lifestyle. At The NATIVES Co. we are helping make this lifestyle a reality, for everyone. 

We Believe the Future of Beauty is Clean

The Clean Code Standard


Our MISSION is to support and share in a community where exceptional natural & organic beauty and wellness products, that are safe, luxurious, potent and good for you and the planet, is a way of life.

“Unique ingredients that embrace the native land, calling on the power of plants that are able to withstand their climates”

-Vanessa, Co-Founder. 

Natural & Organic

We understand and love the science behind the efficacy and power of natural ingredients and their amazing benefits, not only for skin health but our overall positive well-being. 

The NATIVES Co. Founders


I’ve always had a passion for beauty, makeup and fashion. So it is no coincidence that I would be drawn to carve out a long and varied career in the industry. After studying in my early twenties at The Whitehouse School of Fashion, I immersed myself into the world of fashion and gained various experience, including as a buyer for several large national stores. But my true dedication is to beauty, wellness and self-care as a means of portraying and nurturing your soul. 

Over the past two decades I have tried and tested brands that embrace the power of natives to deliver pure nourishing skincare. My search for unique ingredients, how they work, the brands and the inspiring journeys of their founders, has led me here. Having studied organic skincare through Formula Botanica in the UK, my understanding of botanical and natural ingredients extends from source to skin. I am now able to share with you through The NATIVES Co. my passion, knowledge and understanding of skin health, inner beauty and wellness. Our promise is to provide you with the best possible natural & organic products from across the earth to nourish your skin and enrich your soul.


With a background in healthcare caring for people is at the core of my training. I have seen first-hand how neglected lifestyle and mental well-being can manifest as physical ailments and poor health. Following a role in executive management, the opportunity to share in my sister’s dream and create The NATIVES Co. is an exciting new direction. 

Working closely with Indie brand founders is inspiring. Their passion for their craft and dedication to cleaner, safer and more sustainable standards is leading the way for a better lifestyle. The demands of modern life must be balanced by a guilt free sanctuary to reconnect and re-energise oneself. Natural luxurious skincare is essential for this nurturing and love of self. I am hoping to provide to those in The NATIVES Co. community the means to develop your own holistic approach to physical and mental wellness through natural and organic products with a dedication to sustainability and self-care.

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