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Environmental and social consciousness

At The Natives Co. we are very aware that beauty has earnt a bad reputation. The ugly truth is that years of using cheap single use plastic and unnecessary packaging, over consumption with excess waste coupled with mindless production and marketing has led the beauty industry toward environmental catastrophe. The industry creates 120 billion units of packaging every year and consequently a staggering 146 million tonnes of plastic waste every year1, most of which ends up in landfill.

But all that can change. Indie Brands that are redefining the standards around beauty and the environment, retailers like us at The Natives Co that only endorse brands with a sound environmental policy for all products (not just a select few) and consumers like yourself who know that your choices do matter. Together we are making beauty beautiful on the inside and helping to protect the planet and our future.

Making Beauty Green

So how do we make beauty Green?

By seeking out brands and companies with transparent and REAL environmental policies (not just marketing) we are sending a message that the industry needs to hear.  At The Natives Co we only endorse Green beauty Brands that as a standard have adopted sound environmental practices into everything they do.

Green brands make conscious choices to limit their footprint every step of the way, from formulating and design, to sourcing and production, to marketing and retail, we are a collective group of eco warriors all trying to do better. We are doing things better, not just because legislation says we must, but because we can, and not just when it’s easy or when it suits our marketing team, but always. Without hesitation, without compromise.

By giving our customers better options when it comes to how our everyday choices impact the environment, we can all make a difference.

Thank you for joining us on the journey to green beauty. We think you’ve come to the right place. Your choices matter, and we are here to help you make good choices.

Shopping Green Beauty at The NATIVES Co. 

Green beauty is a cornerstone of our ethos at The NATIVES Co. All our brand partners have environmental and sustainability policies across all their processes and all their products, that meet the standards of our Clean Code. 

There are challenges to Green beauty and we understand that sometimes for some brands and even for some certain types of product, it is easier to achieve Green beauty goals than others. We define our Clean Code standards with eco-stamps, and these can be used to help you make choices on the things that matter to you most. You can learn more about our eco-stamps here.

More than Clean

How is The NATIVES Co. Green?

They say it’s not easy being green, wait, that was Kermit. But he’s right, being Green can be challenging and it does take effort, commitment and sometimes even sacrifice. We are prepared for all that because being green is a part of our ethos, one of the four pillars that guide us on our choices and determine our practices. It’s at the forefront of our brand and we work at it every day. Always trying to improve. Always bringing you better. After all, everyone loves being GREEN…

So here is what we are proudest of right now:

  1. We only bring you green beauty brands from like-minded individuals and companies. By not supporting brands that offer only a select few “green options” we area clear on our stance that not being green is not OK. There is no hedging your bet for any brands here.
  2. Zero tolerance to animal testing. Not for any reason, not at any time.
  3. We practice and promote a lifestyle of buy better, buy less. Because better quality products deliver better results, and better still you use less and so they last longer. Better production, better packaging, better products, ultimately means better results for you and the environment.
  4. We advocate a circular economy, working toward minimising our waste and maximising our ability to reuse, recycle and reduce. The Zero waste community calls for waste prevention. “We don’t need one person to do it perfectly, we need millions of people doing it imperfectly”. We are not perfect, but we certainly try. As much as possible our packaging is from FSC or recycled sources, biodegradable and compostable where realistic and repurposed or upcycled when useful. We encourage you to do the same.
  5. We are a small business without excess and a small carbon footprint. Our in-house operations use only necessary resources, we use carbon neutral shipping options and green energy choices. Working toward being carbon neutral in all aspects of our operations is a priority.
  6. In addition to natural, vegan and cruelty-free products we are firm believers in our social responsibility. We work with brands that support local communities and align with give-back organisations to make a difference. The NATIVES Co. and our brand partners have a zero tolerance for toxic chemicals and lapses in safety that put workers at risk, while ensuring fair wages and good working conditions are standard. This unfortunately is not always the practice in the mainstream beauty industry. By partnering with trusted brands that are aligned to our ethos, collectively we may just make a difference.
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