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Meet the Maker

MASAMI Ocean Botanical Haircare

Truly beautiful

Natural haircare has certainly had a makeover in the last few years, where early clean formulas left the hair tangled and difficult to manage without a taming oil, the newest in clean haircare are promising luscious, silky and healthier locks. But finding a truly clean hair care brand that delivers on the promise can be tricky. Enter MASAMI. In a recent search for the best in clean haircare the team at The NATIVES Co, discovered this truly luxurious and high-performance natural haircare brand. Hitting the purchase button in the name of research our Masami Shampoo and Conditioner promptly arrived. We felt like we had found the holy grail of natural haircare….

On first use, our hair was tangle free, ultra clean and oh so shiny. Two weeks in, with regular washing (every second or third day) we noticed an improvement in the condition of our hair; hydrated, frizz-free, bouncy and weightless. With a unique clean ingredient list and intoxicating fresh scent that left us… well, delighted and intrigued. We were hooked and our extensive research into just who Masami are began. Recently Vanessa interviewed Lynn Power, CEO and co-founder of MASAMI, to share all the intel on this ground breaking brand for clean and natural haircare. 

Vanessa: Lynn, tell us about how the Masami Haircare line came about?

Lynn: My Co-Founder James, had worked on our formulations for about 10 years. We met in 2018 and it was a great partnership. I had just left the advertising world, and James needed help commercialising the business. So MASAMI was born in February 2020 at New York Fashion Week and we haven’t looked back!

Vanessa: For me that fact that Masami is a Professional Haircare line gave me so much confidence in making the switch from my previous salon purchased haircare. How important is this to the Masami Brand ethos?

Lynn: Our products are high performing and salon quality and that credibility is important for consumers, especially since many “clean” brands are not so high performing. We are lucky to partner with some amazing salons in the US like Spoke & Weal and DreamDry.

Vanessa: Ocean botanicals have been emerging in skincare for a number of years, but this has not been optimised in haircare until now. Was utilising ocean botanicals part of the initial brief when formulating the Masami range?

Lynn: It was Mekabu, our Japanese ocean botanical, that inspired James to make our products all about hydration. He learned about the ingredient from his husband, Masa (our muse) who grew up in northeastern Japan. Mekabu is the key to having formulations that provide massive hydration without weighing hair down.

Vanessa: Until Masami, I was not familiar with the botanical Mekabu, can you tell us about the journey that led you to this miracle ocean botanical?

Lynn: James was visiting Japan with Masahiro, he is from Otsuchi. The Mekabu grows in the bay and is a staple in the Japanese lifestyle – both in their daily diets but also in their personal care. It is not unusual to grind it up and add it to your haircare and skincare products. So when James saw how youthful Masa and his family are (amazing hair, no wrinkles!) he knew this was an ingredient that needed to be explored.

Vanessa: With sustainability at the forefront of our community, how easy was it to incorporate climate positive practices into both ingredient sourcing and manufacturing?

Lynn: We are a brand that’s good for you and good for the environment, so we are always looking for ways to improve our sustainability efforts. We launched a large size refillable ceramic bottle with refill pouches in 2021 and that is a step in the right direction towards helping people live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Vanessa: Do you have any advice for anyone looking to switch to natural haircare?

Lynn: While there is no universal definition for clean beauty, you can look for products that don’t have sulfates, parabens or phthalates as a start. Most mass products unfortunately still have these toxic ingredients. When you switch over, just know that many natural haircare products perform differently. For example, our shampoo is low foam, so you won’t get the massive suds that you’ll get from sulfate laden products. You don’t need to use much to get the benefits.

Vanessa: What can we expect to see from Masami in the coming two years?

Lynn: We are working on a hair spa now and have a few other products in our pipeline. Unfortunately, everything is taking longer these days because of COVID, but we’re working on it!

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