“the wondrous flower”

Flora Mirabilis is a richly intoxicating and unique natural face oil, handcrafted entirely from skin transformative plant-based ingredients. Designed by an LA based aesthetician and fine artist partner, Flora Mirabilis FACE OIL is created in small batches and assembled entirely by hand from the some of the the most powerful skin-enhancing compounds found in nature.

Exclusively available in Australia at The NATIVES Co.


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Face Oil

Lightweight botanical face oil. Handcrafted from 10 transformative plant-based ingredients, Flora Mirabilis® FACE OIL is a hypoallergenic, ultra-clean facial moisturising oil that brightens, balances, softens, and restores skin, enabling a full range of results in a single step. Best for: All ages and skin types, even the most sensitive.

FLORA MIRABILIS | flohr-uh | meer-ah-bil-iss | Latin: the wondrous flower. Flora Mirabilis is a manufacturer of artisanal plant-based skin…
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