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Known for the world’s first and only ECOCERT certified lash enhancer, LASHFOOD was born out of the philosophy that clean ingredients can also have effective results. Their mission is simple:” to produce the most effective product with the cleanest ingredients possible

LASHFOOD ECOCERT certified natural lash and brow enhancers are infused with patented Phyto-Medic Complex, a natural and powerful formulation that transforms with every drop.


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Conditioning Drama Mascara

Nourishing, lash enhancing mascara Unparalleled volume and length with a proprietary formula infused with nourishing peptides that conditions and strengthens lashes from the roots. Volume: 8ml/ 0.27 fl. oz


Eyebrow Enhancing Serum

Eyebrow enhancing serum.

BROWFOOD is a natural and powerful formula clinically proven to enhance the look of over-plucked, thin and uneven brows.

Volume: 5ml/ 0.17 fl.oz


Eyelash Enhancing Serum

Certified natural eyelash serum.

The first and only Ecocert certified natural lash enhancer. Breakthrough proprietary formula delivers irritant free, naturally enhanced fuller, longer lashes.

Volume: 3ml/ 0.10 fl.oz


Ultra-Rich Volumising Mascara

Volumising lash enhancing liquid Mascara All-natural, super-rich and uber-black mascara with LASHFOOD's patented Phyto-Medic complex for longer, fuller, and healthier lashes. Volume: 8ml/ 0.27 fl. oz

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