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At The NATIVES Co we make it easy to shop across one holistic store for all your clean skincare and beauty needs. Bringing together the best homegrown and international clean beauty products in one online destination. Where clean skincare and beauty products are mindfully created and produced using ethically sourced natural and/or organic ingredients, that are non-toxic and tested on humans, not animals. At the heart of clean beauty is a core ethos where products are sourced, formulated and produced with the highest regard to our health and the environment.

Designed to complement a cleaner lifestyle our clean skincare and clean beauty products are all about creating sustainable, healthy and smart alternatives to traditional products. Eco-friendly clean beauty is high performance, often scientifically proven, luxury clean skincare, beauty and wellness. The ingredients and formulation, along with the efficacy of the product is equally important when selecting our edit of clean beauty products. From clean skincare, make-up, haircare, wellness and beyond, we offer proven and potent clean beauty products that work. Delivering real results for positive aging and graceful living.

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Clean Beauty is an unregulated term applied to the beauty industry movement that broadly encompasses beauty products that are sourced, formulated and produced with the highest regard to our health and the environment. 

At The NATIVES Co. clean beauty products are mindfully created and produced using ethically sourced natural and/or organic ingredients, that are non-toxic and tested on humans, not animals. Our ethos encompasses a holistic approach to Clean Beauty referring to eco-friendly ingredient sourcing and manufacturing that typically encompass the three pillars of sustainability – economic, environmental, and social equity.

For us at The NATIVES Co. it’s hard to believe that any company would use an ingredient that could be potentially harmful to humans or animals, or source and manufacturer in a lab and factory that wouldn’t want to improve the living standards of the workers and their community. Clean Beauty is the future of beauty. With so many Indie Beauty Brands leading the way with ground-breaking formulations and holistic sustainability practices, we no longer have to choose between quality skincare and makeup versus natural and sustainable.  It’s time you can choose to have the best of both. 

By definition natural beauty products are made of 100% natural ingredients without artificial synthetics and preserved with natural ingredients that are well tolerated by the skin. Clean beauty however, can contain both natural and synthetic ingredients as it focuses on the safety of the end product and its eco-friendly and sustainable manufacturing practices.

At The NATIVES Co. we define Clean Beauty as also being synthetic ingredient free.

If you like your beauty products to be effective and high performance, non-toxic and cruelty free then clean beauty is for you. Clean beauty formulations derived from nature in the form of plant extracts, oils and butters and are free from synthetic ingredients. The right natural products feed the skin, they work with the microbiome and do not disrupt the barrier, the result is calm, clear, refined, and radiant skin. Strong skin can ward off environmental aggressors that cause premature ageing and skin concerns, strong skin is more hydrated and balanced and hydrated skin looks younger!

Products made in nature and backed by science is all we need for strong glowing skin. At The NATIVES Co. clean beauty is also high performance, often scientifically proven luxury skincare, makeup and wellness products. Many of the brands that we advocate have spent years in research and development, pioneering bio-active complexes that work. They undertake extensive clinical studies and trials and are socially, economically and environmentally conscious in delivering these incredible products.

Every time you choose a clean beauty product at The NATIVES Co. you choose products advocate for safer and healthier beauty for you and the planet. Every choice matters. 

The biggest misconception is that clean beauty doesn’t work. There is still a stigma that clean beauty is a homemade blend of essential oils and some butters, and not made in a certified lab. It couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Mainstream beauty has found significantly cheaper man-made ingredients that are termed “natural like”. They are synthetic versions of various active and amazing botanicals – this is where “greenwashing” comes into play. A synthetic ingredient that acts like a natural ingredient, is still not natural. By rejecting synthetic alternatives and cheap fillers we lower the chances of skin irritations and reactions often seen in inflammation of the skin via acne, breakouts, dermatitis, and dry itchy skin.

Clean Beauty today can be both scientifically proven and more effective than its synthetic copycat. At The NATIVES Co. our expertise in both organic skincare formulation and science means we understand and respect not only the efficacy of natural ingredients but the science and genius of expertly formulated products. We believe in a holistic approach to treating the skin through our selection of all-natural products that bring multi-functional uses and in turn benefits.

We believe that a clean beauty ethos goes hand in hand with cruelty-free practises and certifications. All natural ingredients have been used for centuries, tried and tested over time they have proven restorative and revitalising benefits when expertly formulated. Nature has provided us so many alternatives to synthetic and toxic ingredients that do not require cruel animal testing to prove the safety and efficacy of an ingredient before human use.  This is not the global standard but it is our standard here at The NATIVES Co.

The definition of Clean Beauty has been dirtied by brands making false or unsubstantiated claims. At The NATIVES Co. we have our own Clean Code that incorporates 4 key pillars: Clean, Green, Pure and Potent. These determine our strict standards in defining what we call Clean Beauty. This is our everyday standard that we live by, free from mainstream greenwashing and false promises.

Our Clean Code easily calls out a product’s clean attributes at a glance making it easy for you to shop with confidence whether you are looking for certified vegan to scientifically proven and everything clean and green. 

There is no single list of banned ingredients to define clean beauty. 

At The NATIVES Co. ingredients along with the efficacy of the product is equally important when selecting our edit of Clean Beauty.  There are some synthetic ingredients that as a rule we choose to avoid altogether.  Ingredients to avoid include parabens (a group of synthetic preservatives), refined petroleum (think mineral oil and paraffin), aluminium compounds, ethoxylated agents that stripe the skin and hair causing irritation and poor skin function (including PEGS used as fillers and softeners and sulfates used as a lathering agent) , formaldehyde (a notorious preservative and globally recognised carcinogen) and oxybenzone (a chemical found in sunscreens that creates a chemical reaction turing UV rays into heat on your skin).  

Using our knowledge of skincare and science we’ve  developed a list of ingredients we reject that includes toxic and unsafe ingredients often used in skincare, makeup and haircare products.  We’ve made a conscious choice not to live with these ingredients in our products and we think, nor should you. We choose ingredients that are organic, wild-harvested, eco-cert, bio-dynamic, cruelty-free and fair trade. Safe for you and the planet. 


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For us and our clean skincare brands clean beauty is not a trend. It is a way of life. Committed to sourcing brands that go beyond the elimination of toxic chemicals as a standard, our clean beauty mantra focuses on what IS in the product and the efficiency of the formulation, not just what it leaves out.

Being honest and transparent across the board, from ingredient sourcing to business operations, together we are making “clean” the standard in beauty. Our offer includes clean beauty products that are leading the way in efficacious clean skincare, organic skincare brands that focus on plant-based vegan beauty and clean beauty brands that are pushing the boundaries on production and packaging innovation to reduce waste and protect our environment. We bring to you an offer of clean beauty brands that are committed to always doing better. Not because they must, but because they can.

Shop Clean Beauty at The NATIVES Co. 

We have used our knowledge to create a list of toxic and unsafe ingredients that we can’t live with in our skincare, makeup and hair care clean beauty products. Our Clean Code talks to 4 key pillars, Clean, Green, Pure and Potent. Use our Clean Code  eco-stamps to shop a product’s attributes at a glance. Defining our strict standards is paramount in ensuring only the best and most effective formulations make it to our shelves and ultimately yours. 

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