The Ancient Ritual of Dry Body Brushing

Bodecare is an Australian brand of premium quality, sustainably sourced body brushes and wellness products.  Using only vegan, eco-friendly materials and ensuring ethical manufacturing practices, Bodecare body brushes are enabling consumers to make purchasing decisions that benefit both people and the environment.


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Jute Dry Body Brush

Soft body brush

A soft dry body brush used to gently exfoliate dead surface skin on your body, while still being stimulating enough to move lymphatic waste and increase circulation.

Best For: Face brushing and those new to dry brushing or who are sensitive to touch.


Eco-Friendly Bamboo Toothbrush

Natural and Eco-friendly toothbrush.

Care for the environment by choosing an eco-friendly biodegradable option for your toothbrush. Enhanced with activated charcoal to help control mouth odour and prevent tooth decay.

Best for: sustainable alternative toothbrush.


Towelling Hair Wrap

100% cotton hair towel

Luxurious and super absorbent, made of the thickest terry weave, this hair drying wrap is an essential spa accessory to dry your hair quickly.

Best for: all hair types.