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Mon Huilette Body

Lightweight body oil.

All-natural easily absorbed nourishing body oil for more toned looking skin with a subtle intoxicating scent providing a feeling of lightness and well-being.

Best For: Toning and softening all skin types, especially beneficial for dry and tried skin

Volume: 95ml


Mon Huilette Sensitive

Oil serum for the face and body. A soothing and nourishing serum for sensitive and reactive skin types. The skin is soothed, nourished and more comfortable. Best For: Soothing and calming sensitive and reactive skin. Volume: 50ml


Australian Jojoba

Rich readily absorbed face, body and hair pure Jojoba Oil.

The incredible healing properties of this ancient super-ingredient deliver visibly transformative results, naturally.

Best For: All skin types, well suited to addressing first signs of aging and mature skin. Suitable for babies.


Calming Jojoba

Rich readily absorbed all-natural soothing face and body oil.

This enriched Calming Jojoba face oil activates your skin’s natural intelligence to help your skin heal itself, while relaxing and calming the mind.

Best For: All skin types, well suited to dry and sensitive skin.

Volume: 100ml


Ho-ho-ba Kissmas

Australian Jojoba + Lip Balm.

A gift set of Australian Wadi-Wadi Jojoba and Jojoba Lip Balm to soothe, nourish and repair.

Best for: all skin types.

Well Kept

Ingrown Oil

Lightweight all-natural oil.

Prevent and protect the skin against painful ingrown hairs with this artisan blend of oils that work in perfect synergy.

Volume: 40ml


Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil

Lightweight oil serum.

A fusion of the highest quality silky soft, lightweight oils, enriched with a carefully selected potent combination of plant extracts and vitamin complexes, brimming with antioxidants. Improves skin elasticity, smooths fine lines, reduces redness and refines pores.

Best for: all skin types.


Lumiere Bronzee – Shimmer Oil

Bronzing dry body oil.

A luxurious, shimmering dry oil for body, face, and hair, infused with mineral oxides, pigments, and nourishing essential oils to moisturise the skin whilst giving you subtle colour and glow.

Best for: bringing a glowing tan to all skin types.

Volume: 60ml


Lumiere Rose Doree – Shimmer Oil

Shimmering dry body oil A French Girl favourite, this luxurious, shimmering dry oil for body, face, and hair, is infused with mineral oxides, pigments, and nourishing essential oils to moisturise the skin and add a subtle delectable glow. Best for: natural shimmer in all skin types Volume: 60ml


California Body Oil

Containing raw, rich plant oils to regenerate the skin, and aromatic essential oils with a special affinity for lymph and circulatory movement this body serum and moisturiser is packed with nutrients and antioxidants to promote radiant skin health.

Best for: all-over body in all skin types

Volume: 100ml

Well Kept Safety Razor Kit dusty rose
Dusty Rose


Safety Razor Kit

Well Kept’s safety razor kit comes in a beautiful wooden box and includes:
  • brass safety razor
  • 4 oz shave oil
  • agave exfoliating cloth
  • pack of 5 blades
Best For: all skin types, and those prone to shaving rash.


Shaving Oil

Midweight shaving oil. Shaving oil forms a protective layer over the skin, helping to prevent razor burn by allowing the blade to glide easily over the skin without irritation. We love a shave oil as it moisturises simultaneously. Best For: a close shave while hydrating the skin. Volume: 118ml/ 4oz