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The skin on your lips are thinner than that on your face making them more vulnerable to dehydration and drying. natural lip balms helps prevent this. Your lips also have lower levels of melanin than skin elsewhere, leaving them more susceptible to sunburn and UV damage. Enjoy healthy and kissable lips by protecting and caring for your lips with natural lip care products as a part of your daily skincare regime.

The Benefits of Natural Lip Balm Your lips are more vulnerable to external agressores like wind, sun and cold. Natural…
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Ho-ho-ba Kissmas

Australian Jojoba + Lip Balm.

A gift set of Australian Wadi-Wadi Jojoba and Jojoba Lip Balm to soothe, nourish and repair.

Best for: all skin types.


Active Gold Lip Mask

A plumping and smoothing luxe lip treatment with nano-gold and hyaluronic acid. Single use mask infused with 24 karat active gold, collagen and vitamin A to help improve the skin's appearance, increase hydration, energize, soothe and create goddess like kissable lips. Best For: Hydrating and plumping for all lips


Soothe Moisture Melt Lip Salve

Rich lip balm.

Locks in moisture to keep lips soft and smooth. Lips are smooth, cushioned and refined.

Best For: Hydration and repair in dry, chapped lips.

Volume: 4.8g


Rose Lip Polish

Sugar lip scrub.

An invigorating rose and mint-infused sugar scrub formulated with nourishing butters to gently remove dry skin and leave lips supple and hydrated.

Best for: luscious kissable lips in all skin types


All You Need Is Me

Multi-purpose occlusive clear ointment.

An award winning natural and organic universal ointment for all skin types. Six natural ingredients nourish sore and chapped lips, cuticles, cracked heels and dry rough skin. A mineral oil free alternative to the original Pawpaw and 8 Hour Balm.

Best For: soothing and protecting all skin types.

Volume: 15ml/ 50ml