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Organic balms and natural body moisturisers are ultra-restorative formulations made with a host of nourishing butters, oils and botanical waxes that heal, soothe and moisturise the barrier, leaving the skin smooth and comfortable. 

The Benefits of Natural Moisturisers for your Body Free of synthetic emiolinets and preservatives, organic and natural body moisturisers and…
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Clinical Detoxifying Body Shaping Cream

Mid-weight body cream.

This fast-absorbing body cream is rich in actives that help stimulate skin detoxification and help combat the visible signs of cellulite.

Best For: Hydration and firmness in all skin types.



Maternity Revitalising Stretch Mark Cream

Lightweight body cream.

The collagen-boosting botanicals in this concentrated body cream help strengthen skin’s structure to re-densify, rehydrate and help fight the look of stretch marks.

Best For: all skin types prone to stretch mark. For use during pregnancy and nursing.

Volume: 150ml


Rose Geranium Body Balm

Lightweight body balm.

A luxurious and nourishing lightweight balm that is readily absorbed for petal soft skin. Essential oil blend promotes relaxing and soothing.

Best For: all skin types, including sensitive and during the last trimester of pregnancy.

Volume: 120ml


Lumiere Bronzee – Shimmer Oil

Bronzing dry body oil.

A luxurious, shimmering dry oil for body, face, and hair, infused with mineral oxides, pigments, and nourishing essential oils to moisturise the skin whilst giving you subtle colour and glow.

Best for: bringing a glowing tan to all skin types.

Volume: 60ml


Lumiere Rose Doree – Shimmer Oil

Shimmering dry body oil A French Girl favourite, this luxurious, shimmering dry oil for body, face, and hair, is infused with mineral oxides, pigments, and nourishing essential oils to moisturise the skin and add a subtle delectable glow. Best for: natural shimmer in all skin types Volume: 60ml


Rose Body Silk

Lightweight body lotion.

Aloe, jojoba oil, rooibos tea, and Vitamin E extract soften and hydrate the skin, leaving it smooth as silk. With the delicate fragrance of rose geranium for a luxurious self-care ritual.

Best for: all-over hydration in all skin types.

Volume: 100ml


All You Need Is Me

Multi-purpose occlusive clear ointment. An award winning natural and organic universal ointment for all skin types. Six natural ingredients nourish sore and chapped lips, cuticles, cracked heels and dry rough skin. A mineral oil free alternative to the original Pawpaw and 8 Hour Balm. Best For: soothing and protecting all skin types. Volume: 15ml/ 50ml


Body Buddy

Non-greasy moisturising body lotion.

A deliciously scented body lotion that gives you smooth, hydrated, radiant skin. Body Buddy leave skin feeling soft, supple and smelling divine.

Best For: Replenishing and moisturising all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Volume: 175ml