Natural Fragrances & Organic Perfumes

Natural fragrances and organic perfumes harness the pure essences of natural and organic ingredients to create captivating natural perfumes and fragrance oils. Multi-layered and long lasting, with higher concentrations of natural fragrances they contain less alcohol for sensitive skin types. Our range of cruelty free perfumes and unisex scents are made to socially conscious and environmentally friendly standards. Beautiful fragrances that care for the planet.

Organic & Natural Perfumes Extracting natural fragrances from organic ingredients to create natural perfumes and oils is an ancient practice.…
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Roll On Essential Oil Blend – Triple Pack

Pure roll on essential oil blends.

A trio of roll-on essential oil blends to relax, calm and uplift your mood.

Volume: 3 x 10ml


Pure Essential Oil

Essential Oil vial with dropper.

Made from 100% natural essential oils that are carefully arranged in ways to elicit known benefits while ensuring a pleasant scent aesthetic.

Volume: 7ml


Portable Aromatherapy Scent Pod

ESYM scent pod has been beautifully designed to fit in your hand or pocket.

The unique portable scent pod provides access to handcrafted scent experiences when you are in transit, exercising, at work or at home.


Roll On Aromatherapy Oil

ESYM aromatherapy roller ball scent oil. ESYM roll on aromatherapy oil is made with 100% natural and pure plant oils, use to awaken the senses on the go and hydrate the skin. Volume: 10ml


Rose Body Silk

Lightweight body lotion.

Aloe, jojoba oil, rooibos tea, and Vitamin E extract soften and hydrate the skin, leaving it smooth as silk. With the delicate fragrance of rose geranium for a luxurious self-care ritual.

Best for: all-over hydration in all skin types.

Volume: 100ml