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The traditional act of wet shaving need not be a time consuming and tricky practise. With the right razor and natural shaving cream products, this once mundane chore becomes an indulgent skin nurturing self-care ritual.

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Well Kept

Ingrown Oil

Lightweight all-natural oil.

Prevent and protect the skin against painful ingrown hairs with this artisan blend of oils that work in perfect synergy.

Volume: 40ml

SA.AL and CO

Shaving Creme

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Rich lubricating cream.

Containing natural coco sugar tensides to soften the facial hair in preparation for an easy, effortless shave. The rich consistency and viscosity of the crème creates an enhanced lubricating effect when the blade glides over the skin, allowing for a close, optimized, lasting shave.

Best for: Normal to sensitive skin, prone to razor burn.

Volume: 100ml


Body Buddy

Non-greasy moisturising body lotion.

A deliciously scented body lotion that gives you smooth, hydrated, radiant skin. Body Buddy leave skin feeling soft, supple and smelling divine.

Best For: Replenishing and moisturising all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Volume: 175ml


Razor Wrap

Cotton razor wrap

Natural and durable cotton wrap to hold all your shaving essentials, conveniently rolls to safely transport and store sharps to keep your safety razor in pristine condition.

Size: 14cm x 8cm.

well kept safety razor cream standing
Dusty Rose


Safety Razor

Brass safety razor complete with blade. We are pretty biased, but the two greatest reasons to make the switch to a plastic free razor is not only the superior close shave with reduced irritation, but also that these beautifully weighted brass razors are designed to last. A sustainable, plastic free alternative. Best For: all skin types, and those prone to shaving rash.


Safety Razor Blades

Premium double edge razor blades

Set of 20 recyclable razor blades compatible with all Well Kept Brass Safety razors.

Best For: a sustainable plastic free shaving experience.

Volume: 20 blades.

Dusty Rose


Safety Razor Kit

Well Kept’s safety razor kit comes in a beautiful wooden box and includes:
  • brass safety razor
  • 4 oz shave oil
  • agave exfoliating cloth
  • pack of 5 blades
Best For: all skin types, and those prone to shaving rash.


Shaving Oil

Midweight shaving oil. Shaving oil forms a protective layer over the skin, helping to prevent razor burn by allowing the blade to glide easily over the skin without irritation. We love a shave oil as it moisturises simultaneously. Best For: a close shave while hydrating the skin. Volume: 118ml/ 4oz