Magnesium Bath Salts & Soaks

All natural and organic bath soaks are formulated with a base of mineral rich and transformative salts. Magnesium bath salts replenish and detoxify, helping to restore health and aid sleep, supporting the nervous system and muscle recovery. When combined with all natural mineral rich clays, plant powders and botanical oil and extracts this simple self-care ritual boosts not only the skin, but also mind and self.

Bathing has been a stress-reducing and general wellness ritual for centuries and the effects of a solitary hour of self-care…
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Magnesium Bath Salt – Nourish

Mineral bath soak with Coconut Milk and Desert Lime

A combination of ingredients that work together to heal and hydrate skin, aid mineral absorption and soothe the soul. Sit back, unwind, and be transported to a tropical retreat, leaving your skin silky soft.

Best for: optimal wellbeing and self -care.

Volume: 850g in Miron Glass Jar


Jasmin Serenity Effervescent Bath Soak

Effervescent bath soak.

Sink into serenity with this effervescent powder-based bath soak that instantly moisturises and softens skin for a luxurious way to unwind.

Best for: wellbeing and self-care rituals in all skin types.


Soaking Salts Rose

Fragrant bath salts.

Well Kept’s soaking salts in ROSE create a soothing, relaxing bathing ritual.

Best For: soothing and nourishing the skin while encouraging a peaceful mind.

Volume: 236ml /8oz


Soaking Salts Ivory

Fragrant bath salts.

Well Kept Ivory all-natural bath salts offer a soothing and relaxing aromatherapy ritual formulated to soothe both the mind and body.

Best For: relax and soothe a busy mind and body.

Volume: 236ml/8oz.