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ESYM make scent experiences from carefully selected ingredients that improve mood, change cognitive states, and integrate with your healthy lifestyle.

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Detox Face Oil

Fast absorbing face oil with hemp seed oil.

An ultra-lightweight and super absorbent all-natural oil formulated to detox and soothe even the most stressed complexions.

Best For: all skin types, beneficial for dryness, dullness, and uneven skin tone.

Volume: 30ml


Natural Face Mist

All-natural face mist.

Awaken the senses and hydrate the skin with 100% natural handcrafted fragrant facial mist.

Best for: hydrating in all skin types.

Volume: 30ml


Pure Essential Oil

Essential Oil vial with dropper.

Made from 100% natural essential oils that are carefully arranged in ways to elicit known benefits while ensuring a pleasant scent aesthetic.

Volume: 7ml


Portable Aromatherapy Scent Pod

ESYM scent pod has been beautifully designed to fit in your hand or pocket.

The unique portable scent pod provides access to handcrafted scent experiences when you are in transit, exercising, at work or at home.


Roll On Aromatherapy Oil

ESYM aromatherapy roller ball scent oil. ESYM roll on aromatherapy oil is made with 100% natural and pure plant oils, use to awaken the senses on the go and hydrate the skin. Volume: 10ml

Awaken the senses with ESYM handcrafted aroma. Botanical ingredients carefully chosen to create a beautiful fragrance while experiencing the essential…
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