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Portable Aromatherapy Scent Pod

ESYM scent pod has been beautifully designed to fit in your hand or pocket.

The unique portable scent pod provides access to handcrafted scent experiences when you are in transit, exercising, at work or at home.


Lava Rock Meditation Bowl No.5 Pavot

A custom blend of natural essential oils to complement and uplift your interior space. The aromatic diffuser is complete with natural lava rocks, handmade white concrete meditation bowl, and natural aromatic oil blend in No.5 Pavot scent.


Lava Rock Meditation Bowl No.6 Hyssop

Aromatic diffuser set with natural lava rocks, marbleized concrete bowl, and aromatic essential oil blend in No.6 Hyssop scent.


No.5 Pavot Concrete Dome Aromatic Set

A modern and effective aromatic diffuser for interior spaces. Natural lava rocks, large white concrete dome with natural fragrance blend in No.5 Pavot. Modern with a minimalist edge, yet earthy and raw, this effective aromatic diffuser complements interior decor while diffusing a hypnotic aroma.


No.6 Hyssop Concrete Dome Aromatic Set

A hypnotic and enchanting aromatic diffuser for your internal spaces. The natural lava rock and unique blend of natural essential oils is deeply connected to a holistic and organic lifestyle with a modern influence. Visually and aromatically pleasing this room diffuser is the epitome of chic sanctuary living.