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Powered by pure plant extracts and potent botanical actives vegan skincare goes hand-in-hand with clean beauty. Focusing on organic and sustainable plant-based ingredients to create vegan skincare products is at the forefront of many clean beauty brands ethos. Shopping a vegan lifestyle is easy at The NATIVES Co. where over two-thirds of our products are vegan, including vegan cosmetics and some exclusively vegan skincare brands. 

Why Shop Vegan Skincare?

For some of us vegan is a lifestyle choice that seeks to exclude all forms of exploitation of animals, instead promoting the development and use of animal-free alternatives (The Vegan Society 1988). But even for those of us who don’t follow a vegan lifestyle, plant-based skin care still offers great benefits for healthier skin.

Vegan Certified Skincare

Select vegan skincare brands have taken the extra step to become Vegan Certified.  Vegan skin care products that are certified with registered bodies including The Vegan Society, Certified Vegan, Vegan Australia or PETA Vegan allow you to shop verified vegan skincare and vegan cosmetics with added reassurance.

Whilst strictly speaking vegan refers to products that are free from animal derived ingredients, these certifications also incorporate cruelty free practices (including free from animal testing of ingredients and final formulations) allowing you to shop across both in one certification. 

Shop Vegan at The NATIVES Co. 

All our natural beauty products at The NATIVES Co. have eco-badges that allow you to shop quickly and with the confidence that each product meets the standards of our Clean Code. Look for the Vegan and Certified Vegan badge.  Shop only vegan skincare products by using the Vegan filter under “ Filter by Benefits & Best For” tab.  We’ve done all the hard work selecting the best vegan skin care brands to offer you a great range of vegan skin care products and vegan cosmetics. 

Vegan Skincare Bestsellers

Plant Based Makeup

Vegan Cosmetics

Vegan cosmetics and makeup is now readily available thanks to leading green beauty brands like Saint and Au Naturale. Using only the cleanest plant-based ingredients and animal by-product substitutes that are organic and ECOCERT. These brands have created high-performance vegan cosmetics that rival any mainstream cosmetic brand sans the mineral oils, animal derivatives and testing. Clean and conscious colour makeup that performs while delivering skin benefits all day long. 


An emerging trend among some clean beauty brands is “beegan”. Although not vegan, honey and beeswax is a valuable skincare and cosmetic animal ingredient that can be ethically sourced without harm to animals. In fact sustainable farming and safe harvesting that ensures cruelty free production also protects our valuable bee stock, essential to plant life on earth. The Beegan eco-stamp indicates a product that contains ethically sourced honey or beeswax but is otherwise vegan.

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