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The namari promise: Formulations that are uncompromisingly clean, highly concentrated and results driven. Handmade in Switzerland with nature’s most exquisite and raw ingredients. Individually applicable and inspired by centuries-old traditions and recipes. A world of scents, colours and textures, standing for intuitive living, natural intelligence and inner beauty.


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Botanical treatment serum.

Precious like liquid gold. A synergetic composition of local and exotic ingredients, oils, flowers and spices, this oil-based serum regenerates deeply and supplies skin with vital nutrients. A true beauty gem for a radiant and silky-smooth complexion.

Best for: clarity and radiance all skin types.



Vegan Treatment Brush

Hand made in the last remaining brush factory of Switzerland and designed to apply just the right amount of product, it is the perfect addition to every mask ritual.

Best for: mixing and applying beauty masks




Holistic perfume essence.

Juwel is a scent that goes with every occasion, every season and every mood. A scent that combines romantic floral notes with crisp woods, mouth-watering spices and grounding resins. One that melts into skin and grows on you from boho-girlie to mystically-elegant as the day passes and the night begins (yes, it stays that long!).

Volume: 20ml



Cleansing cream concentrate and mask.

A truly unique fusion of raw cashews, fine organic plant oils and the mystical essence of Peru Balsam, developed especially for protective cleansing and nourishing care for face and neck. A lush cream that emulsifies in water to a light milk, which leaves a velvety soft and delicately purified complexion.

Best for: all skin types



Cleansing and hydrating oil.

A feathery, nourishing formula provides suppleness and replenishes the skin while effortlessly removing make-up and daily pollution, leaving behind a petal soft complexion.

Best for: cleansing and masking in all skin types. Especially dry, congested and sensitive.

Volume: 100ml



Absolute beauty balm.

Full to the brim with minerals, antioxidants and delicate plant butters, this pale pink beauty effortlessly melts into skin to soothe, protect and deeply nourish any complexion.

Best for: skin health and glow in all skin types



Powdered multi-exfoliant and mask.

Luxury meets a century-old beauty ritual in this skin transforming blend of Moroccan Rhassoul clay, ground hibiscus blossoms, genuine silver and micro-algae. Activated with water, it turns into a lush purple mousse that boosts circulation, draws out impurities and revitalizes on cellular level to reveal a refreshed and rosy complexion.

Best for: detoxify and exfoliate in all skin types



Aromatic facial mist

Like meadow dew on a dawning day, this facial mist revitalizes and provides a moisturised, dewy complexion while supporting the skin's natural balance.

Best for: calming hydration for all skin types.

Volume: 100ml



Organic cleansing cloth

Discover a decadent version of a usually basic tool with this double-sided face cloth made of organic bamboo velvet for daily cleansing and hemp French terry for occasional exfoliation.

“It is my wish to inspire you to a holistic kind of skin and self-care. It is my dream that…
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