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Say goodbye to the dreaded foundation line across your chin, makeup that slides off your face in the middle of the day and other surprisingly easy to fix yet common mistakes we all make when applying our foundation! Though the name goes without saying, foundation IS the foundation of our entire makeup look so it is critical that we get it right.

1. Using a shade with the wrong undertone

By choosing a foundation shade with the wrong undertone, your whole foundation may look off even if the depth of colour is perfect. Although we often intuitively know what colours or jewellery we prefer to wear, it may not be obvious that these things are indicative of our undertones. As certain skin conditions like rosacea can make your face appear pink, we recommend looking at your wrists to determine your natural undertone most accurately. Read about how to determine your undertone in How to Find the Right Foundation- Part II by Match My Makeup. 

2. Choosing the wrong foundation for your skin type

If you’ve heard somebody, whether it be a Youtuber or a friend, rave about a foundation only for it to make your skin look dry or oily there is a likely reason for it: different skin types. What works for someone with oily skin may not work for a person with dry skin, and vice versa. It is important to find a foundation that compliments your skin type – for example if you have dry or mature skin, we recommend you try out dewy or satin finish foundations like that of SAINT Flawless Radiance Skincare Foundation. If your skin is oily, matte foundations could be best for you. SAINT Hydrating Wet/Dry Powder Foundation or MÁDARA Skin Equal Soft Glow Foundation SPF15 are good options for oiler skin types.

3. Not waiting for oxidation when testing out shades

Have you ever tried a foundation sample on your skin in a store and it looks perfect, so you purchase it, then wear it for a few hours and it looks completely different? This process is called oxidisation and is the same process as when the inside of an apple starts to turn brown after you take a bite of it. When you are looking to buy a new foundation, it is important to wait for the product to oxidise before deciding if it is the right colour for you or not. It is also why Match My Makeup always test their matches after the foundation has oxidised. It can change the colour of the foundation by up to two or three shades!

4. Going too dark

Nobody wants that horrible foundation line along your jaw, highlighting the difference in colour of your neck. If your foundation is too dark or you are stuck between two shades, we recommend mixing shades if possible, to get your perfect match. Otherwise, it is best to err on the lighter side. That way, you can warm it up and deepen it with bronzer, contour, blush and save on a highlighter!

5. Not preparing your skin

The old adage that foundation looks as good as the skin beneath it is true. We need to look after our skin and prep it properly so our foundation looks its best and lasts as long as possible. Keeping your skin hydrated, moisturised, and protected from the sun will help your makeup last longer and improve the quality of your skin overall, and the better your skin looks the less product you’ll be using! A great moisturiser and/or a great primer will make all the difference in how your skin appears, with or without foundation.

Pro Tip: At The Natives Co. we love the VENN Age- Reversing All-In-One Concentrate multi-purpose serum /moisturiser. It’s ideal for all skin types and keeping the morning regime simple and effective while prepping your skin for SPF and makeup that stays in place all day. 


Age-Reversing All-in-One Concentrate

All in one light-weight serum and moisturiser cream.

An intensely luxurious multi-correctional cream. Scientifically formulated using potent concentrations of naturally derived antioxidants and high-performance peptides, clinically proven to deeply hydrate and effectively improve the skin’s complexion in a single step.

Best for: Formulated for all skin types and those that prefer a light-weight fluid texture.

6. Primer base vs foundation base

Primers are a great way to help your skin look smoother and your foundation last longer, however you need to ensure you find a primer that will work with your foundation.

If you have ever primed your skin and then put foundation over the top only for it to slide all over your face, you are probably mixing the bases of your primer and foundation. If you use a water-based foundation, it is best that you use a water-based primer. Likewise for oil or silicone-based primers. If the foundation doesn’t have the same base, the foundation is likely to move.

Pro Tip: At The Natives Co. we recommend a multi-purpose Aloe Vera based primer like the SAINT Aloe Vera Skin Perfecting Primer is a silicone free primer brimming in active botanicals and plant-based oils to create a flawless canvas for your makeup, without clogging the pores. This clear gel readily absorbs like skincare, sets like a primer while extending the staying power of your makeup.


Aloe Vera Skin Perfecting Primer

Aloe Vera based Pre-Makeup Face Primer

A cruelty-free Aloe Vera based nourishing gel-based primer designed to create a noticeably smooth complexion free of visible fine lines and pores for flawless makeup application.

Best For: hydrates and prepares the complexion for flawless makeup application.

VOLUME: 20ml / .68oz

7. Using too many products

While it is critical to prep your skin properly, layering too many products can stop your foundation from setting on your skin, causing it to slide around or separate.

Using oil, serum, SPF, moisturiser, and primer all before putting on foundation can cause it to slip off or separate. We recommend using no more than three products before putting on your foundation, and if there is no SPF in your foundation, that should absolutely be one of them!

Pro Tip: at The Natives Co. we recommend all-natural multi-purpose products like  MÁDARA Radiant Shield Day Cream with SPF 15, combining rich hydration with broad-spectrum mineral sun protection. For Summer days outdoors the SALT & STONE SPF50+ Face Stick has a matte tint base that layers easily under your foundation or mineral powder.

We hope these tips will help you find the perfect foundation for you and highlight how important skin prep is!

About Match My Makeup

Integrating art, Science and Technology into a Seamless Tool

Match My Makeup is the world’s leading scientific based shade finder and matching tool. A STEM based solution that was created over years of research and development combining Science (colour physics and chemical compositions), Technology, Engineering and Math.

Match My Makeup have a whole lab dedicated to colour matching and a team of makeup artists who test each of the matches on their own skin because we know that sometimes, even science and math is not good enough! The award-winning tool has helped over 5 million people find their matches in over 150 foundation brands without them having to leave their seats!

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