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2021 was not your typical year but certainly a year that saw us seek self-care rituals that not only supported healthy skin but also holistic wellbeing. From bath to at home facials, our clear beauty and wellbeing must-haves have led to us thinking differently about at home skincare and beauty. We are firm believers that good beauty practices don’t happen overnight and that the road to great skin is through good lifestyle choices and diligence. 

We did a roundup of your most loved products for 2021 and with no surprise our Clean Beauty Hall of Fame is dominated by science backed skincare and most recently, devices that have once been exclusive to only the Doctor’s office or Day Spas. Our Science meets Nature ethos has also evolved during this time and our edit here at The Natives Co. has us more than ever before turning to the Brands that take an aligned approach to bringing to you the best science and plant efficacy nature has to offer.

Here are your most loved products of 2021 and those we are absolutely taking with us into 2022. 

  1. VENN Age-Reversing All-in-One Concentrate

We take great pride in being the very first Australian Retailer of cult K-Beauty Brand VENN. After watching this brand take Europe by storm we set about trialling each and every product. It’s impossible to pick one! By a nose the Age Reversing All-In One Concentrate has proven to be most loved by you and for good reason. Formulated to deeply hydrate and comprehensively fight the signs of ageing, this supercharged, all-in-one formula is efficacy-driven bio-actives. Compound K delivers powerful anti-aging benefits, while antioxidants and peptides show strengths in terms of cell turnover and renewal. Easily absorbed and designed to streamline your skincare regimen, this all-rounder is a stable. 


Age-Reversing All-in-One Concentrate

All in one light-weight serum and moisturiser cream.

An intensely luxurious multi-correctional cream. Scientifically formulated using potent concentrations of naturally derived antioxidants and high-performance peptides, clinically proven to deeply hydrate and effectively improve the skin’s complexion in a single step.

Best for: Formulated for all skin types and those that prefer a light-weight fluid texture.

  1. WELL KEPT Bath Salts

Well priced and sustainable eco-bathroom alternatives are here to stay and Well Kept is leading the way. With bathing rituals an indulgent take-away from our time in lockdown, I think it’s fair to say that we have all seen the benefits a 20-minute soak in the tub offers to our wellbeing and state of mind.  Well Kept Bath Salts are formulated with a blend of Epsom salts to help relieve pain and soften skin, while meticulously blended essential oils assist in decreasing inflammation, soothing muscles, and reducing stress. 

  1. LA FERVANCE Eclat Extraordinaire

Three long years in research and development certainly paid off for this unique and award-winning multitasking balm. The first product launched by Australian owned La Fervance, the Eclat Extraordinaire is certainly that; extraordinary!

Formulated with Australian botanicals and Bee Propolis this decadent balm is ideal for those of us looking for a multifunctional anti-ageing balm that firms, calms and addresses dehydration and fine lines. A splurge to say the least but worth it. Clinically proven and COSMOS approved, this formulation targets 30 functional areas including the under-eye area, the neck and those pesky jowls that show the tell-tale signs of wisdom. This is the investment to make if you are looking for a game changer!


Éclat Extraordinaire

Clinically tested, multi-use, high-performance luxurious face balm.

Eclat Extraordinaire will dramatically improve your skins hydration whilst visibility reducing wrinkles and restoring the skin's elasticity and firmness. Your skin will experience a lifting effect whilst also appearing more soothed and toned.

Best For: All skin types, well suited to addressing the first signs of aging and mature skin.

Volume: 50ml/ 1.69fl

  1. AMALA Rejuvenate Youth-Renewing Powerhouse Eye Cream 

The first place to show signs of ageing is generally the delicate zone known as the orbital skin below our eyes. The good news is, there is an effective all-natural eye cream formulated with bio-actives specifically designed to address the thinner skin of this area that does WORK.

The holy grail of luxury natural skincare, NATRUE certified AMALA have developed a lightweight, yet very effective cream to address the dehydration and puffiness that exacerbates the fine lines and cross-hacking appearance that typically forms around the eye area in our early thirties.

Best for: fine lines, puffiness, loss of firmness and dark circles.


Rejuvenate Youth-Renewing Powerhouse Eye Cream

Mid-Weight Eye Cream.

Revive and reawaken tired-looking eyes with this comprehensive contouring cream. A proprietary blend of age-fighting bio-botanicals helps target dark circles, puffiness and the look of lines.

Best For: Eye treatment in all skin types.

Volume: 15ml

5. OMNILUX Contour LED Mask

So many LEDs to choose from! After an exhausting two-year search, we landed here. The OMNLIUX Contour LED is Dermatologist recommended from the gold standard in professional light therapy OMNILUX. This easy to use and convenient at-home mask targets skin showing signs of sun exposure, environmental damage, pigmentation, redness, and all visible signs of ageing. Used 3-5 times a week at 10 minutes a session this is the perfect complement to a holistic at home skincare regime.

What can you expect? After the first week (5 sessions in 7 days) skin looks and feels more hydrated, and redness is less prominent. The benefits compound over the subsequent weeks as tone is improved, and capillaries and age spots begin to fade.


Contour Face LED

LED Light Therapy device.

Dermatologist-recommend LED light therapy mask with proven results. Convenient at-home use that targets skin showing signs of sun exposure, environmental damage, pigmentation, redness and all visible signs of ageing.

  1. SHHHOWER CAP Shower Cap

Glamour and function in a chic and effective shower cap. SHHHOWER CAP have challenged the traditional standards of a past era, gone are the days of plastic and smelly shower caps as . Unlike other “luxury” shower caps that have double layers to create effective waterproofing, the SHHHOWER CAP is one single, thin, and comfortable layer of fabric that is simultaneously 100% waterproof and breathable. Your blow dry remains intact and thanks to the innovative no mark rubber grip on the inner band SHHHOWER CAP stays super secure without ruining your volume. The thicker premium elastic is encased in the waterproof fabric, so that it maintains its strength and protects those edges of your hairline without leaving an indent on your forehead or overstretching and sagging.

  1. THE NATIVES CO. Sea Sponge 

A sustainably harvested, eco-friendly and biodegradable, these are the zero-waste alternative to synthetic body sponges. The gold standard in sea sponges, The NATIVES Co. all natural Sea Sponges are sustainably harvested in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, protecting vital sea life while supporting local communities. The natural sea sponge has antibacterial properties that gently exfoliate, enhancing the efficacy of your natural body wash and leaving your skin effortlessly clean, smooth, and soft. Its unrivalled softness makes it the ideal sponge for daily use on delicate skin. The mini sizes make a wonderful alternative to your face washer and beauty blender as well! 

Great for acne prone skin, cleansers, exfoliators, and masks rinse effortlessly through the intricate tunnels in the sponges, unlike that of a typical face washer that needs replacing daily, for truly clear skin. 

  1. (M)ANASI 7 All Over Colour 

These pots of goodness are addictive. Once you gain a little confidence using a crème colour you won’t look back. It can be worn in limitless ways, built up from a subtle shade to a statement look, or layered with other colours to create customised new shades. They are the most beautiful flush of colour that somehow enhances your natural glow without looking overly made up and “done”. They are pigment rich so a little goes a long way. Manasi 7 All Over Colour wears well and the colour spectrum is so beautiful and curated to suit all skin tones. 

Formulated with the perfect balance of oils and waxes, this creamy blendable formula glides on effortlessly and melts easily into skin – shades are designed to be worn on the eyes, cheeks and lips. Our most popular colours are Bisque and Manketti, but we have just added some glorious new shades for Summer, we are loving Sisserou and Dianthus! 

manasi 7 all over colour makeup bisque


All Over Colour

All-natural crème colour

Use All Over Colour on lips, cheeks and eyes for an endless variety of results. Creamy and versatile, these natural posts of colour glide on effortlessly and blend easily for a truly natural flush of colour.

Best For: blendable natural flush of colour for the eyes, cheeks and lips.

Volume: 5 grams

  1. THE JOJOBA COMPANY Australian Jojoba

A multi-tasking serum for the face, body and hair The Jojoba Company Australian Wadi-Wadi Jojoba is clinically proven to have higher amounts of Omega 9 than other varieties. Omega 9, working together with Omega 6, acts as building blocks in the skin cells, strengthening the skin’s surface layers for a smoother, healthier and younger-looking complexion. Jojoba oil is non-greasy and well tolerated by all skin types. It’s great for after sun care and as a pre-swim treatment for the hair. We also keep it on hand to nourish hands, cuticles and dry heals before bed. 


Australian Jojoba

Rich readily absorbed face, body and hair pure Jojoba Oil.

The incredible healing properties of this ancient super-ingredient deliver visibly transformative results, naturally.

Best For: All skin types, well suited to addressing first signs of aging and mature skin. Suitable for babies.

  1. WOTNOT SPF 30 Natural Face Sunscreen and BB Cream

With us all taking our exercise and wellbeing outdoors in the past year, spending a little extra time in our harsh climate means SPF is a skincare essential. Combining organic botanicals to hydrate, nourish and prime with zinc oxide SPF 30 to protect, this multitasking BB cream is a practical and effective choice for an active lifestyle. It’s silky-smooth texture leaves skin luminous and shielded from the sun’s harmful rays while creating the perfect base for lightweight makeup, be it a mineral powder or a lick of bronzer. 

Best For: Daily sun protection in all skin types, including sensitive skin


SPF 30 Natural Face Sunscreen and BB Cream

Lightweight matte finish cream. SPF30 BB cream formulated with organic botanicals to hydrate, nourish and prime, leaving skin silky smooth, luminous and shielded from the sun’s harmful rays. Best For: Daily sun protection in all skin types, including sensitive skin. Volume: 60g

Clean beauty is not a trend. Innovation and ground-breaking formulations continue to emerge in the clean beauty space, offering alternatives to mainstream beauty that aligns to modern wellbeing and sustainable conscious living. As we emerge from our COVID slumber, while remaining cautious and understandable about the anxiety that still exists, we look to further embrace those rituals that gave us solace in lockdowns while we continue to share and grow with our TNC community.

We thank you for voting with your wallet in 2021 and continuing to challenge the practices of brands that prioritise profit over our planet and cruelty free mantras. We are excited to help you discover the best clean beauty has to offer in 2022. 

TNC xx

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