How to Find the Right Foundation – Part II

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Find the Right Foundation

With Match My Makeup 

Matching your foundation to your natural undertone makes all the difference in a flawless base. But how do you find out what your undertone is and how do you know what you’re buying?

Determine your undertones:

Try the following tests to guide you:

  1. Look at the veins on your inner wrist with a friend and see whether they appear more blue or green. If you’re having trouble deciding, look at a few other wrists and compare yours. If your veins look Bluer, then you have a cool undertone, if they appear greener, then you have a warm undertone.
  2. Another test if the above doesn’t work for you, is to see what colour clothes look best on you. Hold up a hot pink shirt and an orange shirt. Ask for a few opinions if you can’t determine which colour looks best. If orange looks better, then you have a warm undertone, if pink looks better, than you have a cool undertone. Or next time you get complimented on your clothes, pay attention to what colour you were wearing. Use this as a guide:

Cool Undertone

  • Hot Pink
  • Crisp White
  • Blue

Warm Undertone

  • Orange
  • Off White /Cream
  • Green
I have cool undertones. In the photos above, I’ve been told that Orange and Cream wash me out whereas pink compliments me most.

Pro Tip: Yellow based foundations can work on both cool and warm undertones. If you don’t know your undertone and choosing between a yellow based or pink based shade, go for the yellow based.

Think of it this way, if you’re warm (yellow), a pink based foundation will make the foundation clearly stand out on your face. It will make you look like you’re wearing too much makeup, even if you’re not. If you’re cool (pink), a yellow based foundation will reduce the pinkness in your undertone and will flatter you more.

When buying Mineral Powders

Remember that mineral powders have a light reflecting particle in them. This means that it is more forgiving if you’ve picked the wrong colour. Unlike liquid, you can get away with wearing a shade lighter/darker.

Pro Tip: At The Natives Co. our best-selling mineral powder foundations are all-natural skin improving formulations that work well over your daily SPF or mixed with your Face Oil for a custom CC Cream. The Au Naturale Semi-Matte Mineral Powder Foundation is loose mineral powder that creates an airbrushed lightweight finish. The SAINT Wet/Dry Powder Foundation creates a velvet finish ideal for covering redness and spots. You can easily find your shade with Match My Makeup.

Tips to know you’ve bought the wrong colour?
  • If you look ashy (grey) or washed out, then you have gone too light. Try using the next shade up.
  • If you look dirty, then you have gone slightly darker.
  • If you look pink or too rosy, then the actual foundation may be pink based. Some foundation lines make both cooler and warmer shades of their colours eg. SAINT Makeup and Au Naturale Makeup that offer both cool, warm and neutral shades.
  • If you’ve tried almost every colour in that line and can’t find one that matches, understand that not all foundations were created equal, and you probably don’t suit that range. Don’t try and make it work for you because there’s nothing worse than wearing the wrong colour! We’ve been there so many times where we’ve heard great reviews about a product, buy it, buy the next shade up and next few shades down, end up with 5 bottles but no matching one. Instead, save yourself time and money by trying a different range.
About Match My Makeup

Integrating art, Science and Technology into a Seamless Tool

Match My Makeup is the world’s leading scientific based shade finder and matching tool. A STEM based solution that was created over years of research and development combining Science (colour physics and chemical compositions), Technology, Engineering and Math.
Match My Makeup have a whole lab dedicated to colour matching and a team of makeup artists who test each of the matches on their own skin because we know that sometimes, even science and math is not good enough!
The award-winning tool has helped over 5 million people find their matches in over 150 foundation brands without them having to leave their seats!

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