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Driving inspiration from nature, Flower and Spice expertly blend selected flowers and spices into their products, ensuring the highest level of efficacy and wellbeing. From pure formulations to recyclable packaging, nurture your skin and the planet. As you indulge in these captivating blends allow the stresses of your day to melt away, inhale the gentle lingering aromas; lose yourself in this sublime ritual of self-care.

Exclusively available in Australia at The NATIVES Co.


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Beauty Masquerade Customisable Clay Treatment

Powdered clay mask Hibiscus and Turmeric with panax ginseng. A blend of mild yet highly effective clays, flowers and spices, this spa-like customisable clay treatment mask gently soothes, detoxifies and whisks away dullness, leaving skin aglow with restored balance. Best For: All skin types, especially problematic, reactive skin prone to impurities and congestion. Volume: 100ml


Calming Exfoliator

Mild creamy exfoliating facial scrub.

Formulated with enzymatic AHA fruit acids and bamboo stem particles to gently slough away the dull, dry upper layer of skin cells. Enriched with Lavender and Fennel to reduce inflammation, while jojoba oil and Shea butter to moisturise and calm renewed skin that looks lit from within.

Best for: Normal and combination skin types, problematic skin prone to impurities and congestion.

Volume: 120ml


Midnight Beauty Rich Revitalising Serum

Rejuvenating facial oil serum.

Rose and Coriander with 10 Harmonising Oils: A powerful combination of nature’s 10 most effective, super-charged plant oils to deeply penetrate, nourish and protect your skin, working with your body’s natural rhythms to brighten, improve fine lines and wrinkles and replenish skin’s moisture balance.

Best for: hydration and anti-aging in all skin types, especially dry, sensitive and mature skin

Volume: 30ml


Soothe And Repair Daily Moisturiser

Rich nourishing cream moisturiser. Rose and Coriander, with Prickly Pear and Aloe Vera. Lightweight yet intensely hydrating and nourishing face cream enriched with nutrient rich botanicals and antioxidants to moisturise and protect the skin. Readily absorbed to help skin reclaim its natural radiance. Have calm, petal soft skin every day. Best for: daily moisturising in normal to oily skin, calms sensitive skin. Volume: 60ml


Travel And Discovery Set

Rose and Coriander Duo

This MINI KIT featuring the Flower & Spice best-selling duo for moisturised, brighter, and undeniably healthier-looking complexion.

Best for: travel or trial, all skin types.

Flower & Spice began as -and remains, a labour of love for the human body and the world around us. …
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