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With Summer on our doorstep if you are anything like me, your neglected Winter (and lockdown) body is crying out for some much-needed TLC. No better way to prep the skin and wake up the lymphatic system than with an all-natural body exfoliate and decadent body oil that boosts both the look of your skin as well as your confidence and wellbeing.

A body care regime should be quick and simple – the easier the regime the more likely you are to stick to it! We recommend committing to twice weekly exfoliation followed with an all-natural body oil, just as you do your face. Body exfoliation stimulates the circulation, oxygenating the cells and  promoting healthy cell function, important for maintaining a youthful look and tone. The massage awakens the blood flow while all-natural enzymes gently buff away dead skin revealing baby soft healthy skin. This week we talked to Claire from Les Huilettes on her simple tips for taking care of Summer skin.

Summer Body with Les Huilettes

Vanessa: we recently started stocking the les huilettes body scrub and body oil. They are the best body products I’ve ever used. What is the addictive scent of the Body Oil? It is heavenly!

Claire: Lentisk pistachio – is great for treating the look of cellulite and assists in relieving fatigue and it really smells like freshly cut herbs! 

Vanessa: Face and Body scrubs can sometimes be overlooked as non-essential product in regime. I see the Mon Huilette face and Body Scrub as one of my “desert island” picks. Can you talk us through the benefits of this multi-tasking detox scrub?

Claire: Deep cleaning your skin once or twice a week is super important. I do my detox ritual in the shower… using mon huilette scrub on my face when it’s wet to gently polish and refine my skin tone. It removes dead cells and impurities. It also helps to maintain tanning and brings more glow and reduces any pimples that might be brewing. Use on your body before you shower. Used dry the scrub has a more invigorating effect, leaving it tingling, smooth and refreshed all day. The cane sugar formula is gentle and won’t affect your skin’s delicate microbiome.

Mon Huilette Scrub is an all-natural formula; Cane Sugar provides a gentle mechanical and chemical exfoliation that removes impurities from the skin while buffing dead skin cells. Oregano has been used by ancient apothecarists to detoxify and restore radiance to the skin while the Lentisk pistachio scent is supported by subtle overtures of Lavender and Green Tangerine to support well-being and relaxation.


Mon Huilette Scrub

Exfoliating scrub balm.

All-natural gentle exfoliating face and body scrub for softer and more nourished skin.

Volume: 170g

Best for: exfoliating face and body, normal and combination skin.

Vanessa: The Mon Huilette Body Oil is so unique and not at all greasy. Just as you converted me to SOAP with the Extra Gentle Soap, I’m now a body oil addict! What was the “brief” when Pascal was formulating the Body Oil?

Claire: We wanted an oil that easily penetrated the skin, nourished it deeply, is highly efficient, and helpful for tired, heavy legs…. The smell was the cherry on the cake


Mon Huilette Body

Lightweight body oil.

All-natural easily absorbed nourishing body oil for more toned looking skin with a subtle intoxicating scent providing a feeling of lightness and well-being.

Best For: Toning and softening all skin types, especially beneficial for dry and tried skin

Volume: 95ml

Vanessa: Claire what is your body care ritual?

Claire: After my morning shower, I press a couple of pumps of mon huilette Body into my hands, warm it between my palms and apply on the décolleté, shoulders, arms using massaging techniques. It’s a daily gift for yourself, a self-confidence tip!

TNC Pro Tip: The mon huilette Body oil is lightweight and it’s refreshing scent doesn’t interfere with your perfume. To boost the hydrating effects, apply your body oil to “wet” skin ideally straight after the shower. Massaging the oil into moist skin aids absorbency leaving the skin velvet soft and nourished without any residue.

Vanessa: Claire, I’ve been using the Cream on my neck and decolletage, with remarkable results may I add, do you have tips for maintaining and caring for these often-neglected areas?

Claire: Be very careful of the sun! These areas are very delicate and often too exposed to UV and environmental pollution … so cleanse and nourish daily and use sun cream religiously. I’m sure that Australians are very used to this ritual already 🙂

TNC Pro Tip: It’s so important when selecting SPF you purchase from a genuine and trusted retailer so you know you are purchasing authentic SPF products that meet Australian standards. People4Oceans and WOTNOT Naturals are the gold standard when it comes all-natural SPF for all the family including those with sensitive skin. I layer mine over my mon huilette Cream each morning.

I first learnt about the benefits from Facial Yoga thanks to Les Huilettes Co-Founder Claire over our first INSTA LIVE. The French certainly know a thing or two about beautiful skincare regimes that are remarkably simple and ideal for keeping skin toned and more contoured looking as we head into the festive season.

Vanessa: Claire, how do you prepare your skin for your nightly facial yoga ritual?

Claire: Even if you have worn no make-up or sunscreen, cleaning your skin before bed is vital. I recommend double cleansing with an oil, followed by a sensitive skin soap like ours to gently and efficiently cleanse away any pollution or dirt from the day. I do this everyday, then pat my skin dry with a soft, clean towel before applying a few drops of mon huilette sensitive to my face and decolletage.

The oils prepare my skin for my evening facial yoga practice, making it easy for my fingers to glide and allowing the nutrients to penetrate my skin. The sensation combined with the aromatherapy benefits of the serum formula signals that it’s time to relax and let go of the day. If it’s necessary, I would complete the ritual with a noisette of Cream to finish.

Vanessa: thanks for your guide to Facial Yoga with Les Huilettes Claire.

Claire: It’s incredibly efficient for your skin and your soul. It’s really important to take time to switch off, I love to take this time to review my day, and empty my mind before going to bed.

You can learn more about the Les Huilettes Facial Guide in our Journal The Art of Facial Yoga.

Claire, thank you so much. We are awaiting our delivery of the Les Huilettes Solid Shampoo and Hair Oil Serum. I can’t wait to try these products and talk when we launch the Les Huilettes Hair Care just in time for Christmas.

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