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Naturally Healthy Hair

Haircare essentials for great hair

Healthy, shiny, and resilient hair is certainly in reach for all of us when you know how. Just as we take a holistic approach to our skin, hair is no exception. Good quality haircare products that hydrate the hair, nurture a healthy scalp and support great hair outside of washing days, will help transform the dullest locks in a few short months. The good news is the investment and time is well worth it, and won’t break the bank. Be consistent and adapt good haircare practices with these haircare essentials, they also make great gifts for mum, the tween and even the hard to buy for bestie. 

Hydrated hair looks healthy and frizz free

Just like your skin, hair can become dehydrated and lifeless and no amount of outer moisture in the form of oils and serums will give the result you are looking for. When we are referring to hair, hydration talks to the inner layers – the medulla and cortex, where water retention is vital for hair health. Moisture on the other hand pertains to the outer layers. The goal is to boost and retain the water in the inner layers and seal the hair with moisture. Just like the skin, once water is lacking your hair will appear dry, fragile and be more vulnerable to damage. 

The Christophe Robin Hydrating range is our go to for hydrating normal hair types without weighing the hair down or leaving the scalp greasy. This range is enriched with aloe Vera, vitamins and amino acids, that gently deep cleanse the hair and scalp without stripping the hair of natural oils.

The three products are used in conjunction with each other; the Hydrating Shampoo with Aloe Vera has a creamy lather and smells fresh and light, hair feels very clean post wash. After washing apply the Hydrating Melting Mask with Aloe Vera, you only require a little, the size of a ten to twenty scent piece (depending on your length of hair). It’s uber-lightweight and melts into the hair. Leave for five minutes and comb through. This formula contains flaxseed oil that provides additional nourishment and works well with the Aloe Vera ,which soothes and hydrates, while nettle supports a balanced scalp. Finish with the Hydrating Leave-In Mist by applying to roots and lengths of damp hair. This mist is also great on dry hair as a re-fresh and to reduce flyaways. 

A hair turban cuts drying time

Dedicated hair towels or hair turbans work well to pull water from the hair without dragging and pulling on the delicate strands and they cutting your drying time by up to 50%.

Excessive blow drying can dehydrate the hair and exacerbate frizz, so by minimising your blow dry time you help the hair to retain both water and moisture. The Bodecare Hair Wrap Towel is 100% cotton towelling, and the terry weave is uniquely designed to absorb excess water and fit close and neatly to head allowing you to dress while your hair dries. This Best in Beauty award winning hair turban is easy to care for and can be used to boost the benefits of your hair mask.


Towelling Hair Wrap

100% cotton hair towel

Luxurious and super absorbent, made of the thickest terry weave, this hair drying wrap is an essential spa accessory to dry your hair quickly.

Best for: all hair types.

Invest in a plastic-free chic Shhhower Cap

If you are anything like me daily washing is a chore not to mention it doesn’t benefit the condition of my hair. Helping to break the cycle of over-washing, which only leads to oilier hair, led us to ShhhowerCap. The chicest and most effective shower cap in the world!

Transforming the traditional mouldy, smelly, plastic shower cap of the past, ShhhowerCap is a patented innovative design that solves every problem associated with using a shower cap. It starts with the nanotech and humidity defying lightweight fabric that is water repellent and antimicrobial, meaning your hair stays dry and your cap doesn’t stink! The turban design not only looks great but fits the head comfortably and prevents frizz inducing humidity from wreaking-havoc on your blow out.

One of the best features of the ShhhowerCap is the amazing fabric that practically dries immediately, so no water spills and excess droplets on your hair when you remove the cap AND it can be packed straight into your gym or travel bag after use. We love the prints and colours. The only problem is deciding on which one?

A good quality hairbrush supports scalp health

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Sebaceous glands located in your hair follicles produce natural oils that help to keep your scalp in optimal condition. Brushing your hair properly helps distribute these natural, healthy oils, from the roots to the ends, giving hair a natural shine. Paddle brushes are usually square or round with well-spaced natural bristles attached to a soft cushion, they are ideal for stimulating circulation in the scalp, providing natural exfoliation, and supporting clear and clean hair follicles.

The Bodecare Wide Paddle FSC Scalp Massage Hairbrush is vegan friendly and made of sustainably sourced materials. The timber paddle and wooden pins naturally smooth and untangles the most unruly hair. Designed to bend with the scalp, to prevent damage when brushing this detangling brush is prefect for wet hair without causing breakage and the bristles are super gentle for tug-free styling ideal for all hair types, even kids love it. It is the most pain-free option you’ll find!


Wide Paddle FSC Scalp Massage Hair Brush

Wide paddle hairbrush with wood pins German made timber hairbrush with wood pins and rounded tips and a rubber cushioned based. Naturally smooths and untangles hair while massaging and stimulating the scalp for healthy hair growth. Best for: all hair types

Healthy hair compliments glowing skin, and has a positive impact on your self-esteem and confidence. We often feel better when we have had our hair “done” and I imagine “I’m having a bad hair day” was coined by a woman! Your hair is important to your overall wellbeing and confidence, after all it is one of the first features that others notice about you. With a little care and great natural products it is easy to maintain healthy vibrant hair and kiss goodbye to bad hair days.

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