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The hottest and most effective way to treat the facial skin, décolletage, delicate eye and lip zones in one go is the tried and tested art of “multi-masking”. Practiced in the world’s best spas for decades, multi-masking is made easy at home with our guide, unlocking the secret to super glowy skin at home. This skincare technique inspired by South Korean K-Beauty trends is a skin boosting ritual here to stay. 

What is multi-masking? 

Multi-masking uses a number of masks at the same time, instead of just one. Designed to target the specific needs of different areas of the face and to address different skin concerns. Your skin concerns can change depending on the seasons, lifestyle and that time of the month. Multi-masking allows you to customize your beauty mask routine to suit your skin at any given time. 

Benefits of Multi-masking:

  • It allows you to target specific concerns in one masking ritual at home. eg. address an oily T-zone while nourishing and hydrating the eyes and lips.
  • Weekly masking not only supports skin health, but boosts the efficacy of your everyday skincare regime. 

Multi-masking tips- What to use where:

  • Clay or charcoal for an oily and congested T-zone, breakouts on the chin and jaw, or once a week deep cleanse for all skin types.
  • Cream mask to nourish, hydrate and plump the cheeks, marionette and neck lines.
  • Sheet or Gel Mask for the delicate under eye area, lips and sensitised skin that needs a pick-me up.
  • A rich balm to boost and revitalise tired, dull and mature skin

Here’s go to guide and product tips for an indulgent multi-masking ritual at home: 

Decongest + Hydrate 

Ideal for reviving dull and tired skin, nothing purifies and deep cleanses like all-natural activated charcoal. We start with the active charcoal and Rhassoul clay formula of the AMALA Deep Cleansing Charcoal Clay Mask to leave us with squeaky clean pores. The 3% AHA fruit acid complex improves cell renewal to brighten and tone. The activated charcoal absorbs excess oils and bacteria and draws pore clogging impurities for clear poreless skin. This helps to reduce acne and improve the overall skin quality and appearance. 

Hydrate and plump the delicate skin of the eyes and lips with 24K Goddess Eye and Lip Masks. Brimming with hyaluronic acid and nourishing plant extracts these super easy and effective, biodegradable serum infused patches are formulated specifically to revive for an intensive under eye and lip treatment. 

AMALA Deep Cleansing Charcoal Clay Mask + 24K Goddess Collagen and Hyaluronic Eye Mask + 24K Goddess Active Gold Lip Mask

Step 1. Apply AMALA Deep Cleansing Charcoal Clay Mask to the forehead, nose, cheeks and jawline, this unique texture resurfaces without dehydrating the skin. Avoid the eye area and lip area leaving room for the eye and lip patches. 

Step 2. Once the charcoal and clay mask is in place, apply the 24K Goddess Collagen and Hyaluronic Eye Mask

Step 3. Apply the 24K Goddess Active Gold Lip Mask filled with active 24K Gold to boost collagen and Vitamin A to smooth and improve the appearance of the lips. 

Step 4. Leave for 20-30 minutes and rinse with warm water. 

Clarify + Nourish 

A magical powder, namari Staub is packed full of acids, enzymes and grains of freshly milled Hibiscus, whole fruit powders, Vitamin C and mineral rich clays. Working in perfect synergy they provide just the right amount of exfoliation and deep cleansing, that doesn’t strip or damage skin. Boost with namari Tau to create a targeted clarifying formula that purifies congested skin while boosting hydration. To bring this skin treat to a decadent ritual we add a drop of precious oils (ideal for fine lines), to the eye and lip area, acting as a protective and nourishing treatment. We love the dreamy texture and scent of the namari Elixier to elevate your mask to a decadent facial experience.  

namari Staub + namari Tau mist + namari Elixier face oil 

Step 1. Mix equal parts namari Staub and namari Tau to create a creamy mousse. Apply to freshly cleansed skin. Tau is a beautiful concentrate of organic aloe vera, precious jasmine hydrosol and highly concentrated in house made extracts, this mist is packed with humectants, phytonutrients and antioxidants to boost the efficacy of the Staub mask. 

Step 2. Apply a drop of namari Elixier to the delicate eye and lip area by gently tapping the precious oils into the orbital bone and lip line. With maximum concentrations of cell repairing and strengthening ingredients in a base of the most potent Prickly Pear Seed Oil, it performs like an anti-wrinkle and eye care product in one.

Step 3. Allow the Staub and Tau to completely dry and remove with a hot compress. 

Step 4. On clean skin, gently press namari Elixier into the face, under eye and lip area, and not forgetting the neck to complete this facial treat. 

Revitalise + Replenish 

With dense superfood ingredients that contain whole fruit acids, enzymes and antioxidants, Laurel Honey Berry Mask is a true multitasker. The honey and the fruits in this mask contain an abundance of enzymes, Vitamin C, flavonoids, polyphenols, and B vitamins. The combination of all the fruits together not only brightens the skin but encourages skin rejuvenation, for smoother and more even skin tone.

A gel mask is an ideal instant hydrator. Plump and revitalise the under eyes and the cheeks with the Amala Rejuvenate Collagen- Boosting Peptide Mask. This rinse-off gel mask is a powerful pro+prebiotic youth-boosting treatment. Use weekly for a dose of natural ingredients to smooth, plump and firm the cheeks, eye area and keep the forehead fresh in appearance. 

Laurel Honey Berry Mask + AMALA Collagen-Boosting Peptide Mask 

Step 1. Apply a generous amount of the Laurel Honey Berry Mask to the forehead, nose, chin and jawline avoiding the eye area and cheeks. (This mask is a great all-over treatment to decongest the cheeks if your skin is showing signs of stress breakouts). 

Step 2. Apply a generous amount of the AMALA Collagen-Boosting Peptide Mask to the orbital eye bone avoiding the eye rim, sweep the gel mask across and down the cheeks ensuring the apples of your cheeks are lifted and brightened. 

Step 3. Leave on for 20-30 minutes and rinse with cool water.

These two masks are a great pro-ageing combo with their potent antioxidant and Vitamin rich ingredients. 

This new way of masking may not sound like it aligns to our buy less, consume less mantra – but I beg to differ. Making a good purchase of two masks that you can mix and match, use together or separately and in rotation each week allowing you to use the entire contents of each mask is better than the never ending quest for a mask that fulfils all your skincare needs. Put an end to half used masks that sit in the vanity.  Better yet, pull those masks out and see if you can utilize them now you are multi-masking.

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