How to have a spa facial at home in 5 easy steps

How to

Day Spa at Home

5 Easy Steps to Spa Skin Bliss

Lockdown might have cancelled your favourite facial but with the right products and little know how you can have a luxurious spa day at home with all the pampering and skin benefits. At The NATIVES Co we have everything you need for a natural and effective at-home facial. Natural beauty products that are as luxurious and powerful as those used by your beautician, and better still you can use them in weekly rituals, for results that really show. Everything you need is right here, so let’s turn lockdown into luxe.

1. Start with a deep cleanse.

Prepare your skin to optimally absorb all the nutrients in the products that follow by performing a deep double cleanse. This two-step process gently but deeply cleanses the skin, first with an oil-based cleanser to remove surface product and grim, followed by a more traditional gel or foam cleanser to remove any remaining impurities. Luxe Botanics make a double cleansing duo – Marula Hydrating Pre-Cleanser and Camu Brightening Cleanser – for a luxurious start to your facial but also gentle enough to use every day. You can read everything you need to know about double cleansing in our Journal Double cleanse. Double the benefits.

2. Exfoliate.

You know that gorgeous post facial glow we all want? That starts with revealing your newest and brightest skin cells and exfoliation is key to removing the dull dead skin cells that build up on the surface of your skin. Natural exfoliants are formulated to gently buff, polish and dissolve the surface cells to reveal new smoother and brighter skin.

You can learn about the 5 skin benefits of using a face exfoliant in our Journal. Most importantly, use gentle natural mechanical exfoliants that don’t cause micro-tears that irritate the skin or microplastics that pollute our oceans when we rinse off. Combined with natural enzymes and acids, dual action natural glow getters work overtime and better than any synthetic alternative.

For the ultimate indulgence, take your facial to the next level with La Fervance Gommage Extraordinaire. This two in one exfoliant-mask nourishes and brightens. It’s a 10-minute beauty flash mask that does it all!

Pro tip: Got an extra 10? Step it up with a steam treatment. At home facial steamers start at affordable prices online or you can simply use boiled water in a wide top bowl. Add a few drops of your favourite hydrosol, essential oil or even herbs and enjoy for 5- 10 minutes as the steam softens your skin, hydrates and stimulates circulation ready for masking.

4. Mask it.

This is where your home facial can really become an indulgent spa-like experience. Modern natural beauty brands that use science to harness the power of nature are delivering highly effective formulations that rival the results promised by mainstream spa treatments.

Whether you are looking for pure luxury or something to address skin concerns you will find it in our edit of natural beauty masks. From simple clays to exotic botanical blends and highly active boosting formulations, finding the right beauty face mask for you is easy.

Pro tip: Step it up by multi-masking with targeted treatments where you need it most. Read our guide on multi-masking and maximise the results.

If you are looking for pure luxury and an exceptional all-natural mask the La Fervance Eclat Extraordinaire is an Australian owned award winning balm housing native Australian extracts and decadent Propolis to calm, firm and retexture the skin. The texture is ideal combined with the La Fervance Facial Massage Kit.

So you’ve picked your favourite natural facial mask. Now it’s time to sit back, relax and let your mask work its magic. Got the time for some serious indulging? Combine a bathing ritual with your facial. Well Kept Soaking Salts create a soothing and relaxing bath that will relax the mind and body. Added bonus: the moist warmth from the bath aids your skin’s absorption of the active ingredients in your face mask.

4. Serum secrets for beautiful skin.

Once you rinse your face mask it’s time to feed your skin. Use a toner or botanical mist to dampen your face and hydrate your skin, followed by patting in your favourite serum.

Natural serums supercharge your skincare and support a strong and healthy skin barrier. VENN delivers the latest breakthrough in natural skincare with their Probiotic Circa complex Biome Booster. Certified microbiome friendly, this lifting and hydrating probiotic booster serum soothes post-treatment skin and is the perfect nourishment post facial, supporting a revitalised and balanced complexion. 

We have curated some of the best and most effective natural serums and treatments here at The Natives Co. If you’re not sure which serum you should be using, read our guide on how to choose the perfect serum for your skin.

5. Lock it in with skincare.

Lock in the benefits from your facial by layering effective, clean skincare to support your skin and elevate the results. If you’re not sure what products to use or when, our complete guide to layering your skincare makes it easy. Follow a morning facial with your daily moisturiser and SPF. If you’ve indulged in a decadent evening facial (highly recommended!) you might like to follow with an overnight mask or nutrient-rich face oil. AMLY Sleep Tight Rejuvenating Face Balm works overtime while you sleep to replenish and repair depleted tired skin.

For deep intense nourishment, modern natural face oils are not only loaded with skin-identical nutrients that are readily absorbed but also packed with potent actives that double as treatments. Layer a decadent botanical facial oil like Flora Mirabilis Face Oil as your final skincare product. The nutrient rich carrier oils aid the penetration of actives in your serum and moisturiser, while the heavenly scent is the perfect end to your home day spa experience. 

A weekly at home spa-like facial with pure and potent natural products is an achievable way to reach your skin goals. Glowing, healthy skin through self-care rituals that take a holistic approach to beauty are not only good for your skin but also your body and mind.

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