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At-Home Spa Experience

Escape to the serenity of your own day spa at home

There is nothing more nurturing for the mind and soul than a little pampering. We must remember everyone deserves some time out of the daily chaos in order to function at our optimum. Recovery and self-care are a must, not an indulgence. I love nothing more than a day at the spa, but will admit I have seen my at-home spa treats take priority as I relish in the convenience of my own serene space. Here’s a few tips to master your own at-home spa retreat.

Engage the Senses

Setting the scene is just as important as the rituals themselves. Stepping into a spa instantly transports you away from the daily chaos; the serene music, the heady floral scent, the dim lighting, completed with a refreshing cup of herbal tea as you wait. I start my ritual by wrapping myself in my favourite robe and setting the scent of my bedroom and bathroom by dimming the lights and filling the air with my favourite essential oil blend. I love the ESYM Jasmine Pure Essential Oil blend. I add a few drops to my diffuser, the uplifting and alleviating scent brings key notes of Jasmine for bringing positive and constructive emotions, Tolu Balsam to support mental strain and anxiety, and Osmanthus to instill calm and tranquillity.


Pure Essential Oil

Essential Oil vial with dropper.

Made from 100% natural essential oils that are carefully arranged in ways to elicit known benefits while ensuring a pleasant scent aesthetic.

Volume: 7ml

The Calm Before the Soak

I boil the kettle and prepare a cup of Organics Merchant Australian Bush Blush Tea. I love the scent, flavour and colour (it’s the most beautiful pink). I sip my tea whilst I fill my bath and take the chance to let the hypnotic sound of the running water fill my thoughts.

Add a generous scope of French Girl Organic Jasmine Serenity Soak. Coconut Milk is a natural form of Vitamin C to help maintain the elasticity in skin while Epson salts are rich in magnesium to soothe tired muscles. The warm spicy scent of Jasmine essential oil scent is exotic and intoxicating when blended with sweet Ylang Ylang and citrus Clementine.

Mask Your Way to Glowing Skin

Nothing kicks the glow into gear than a gentle dual action exfoliating and re-mineralising face mask. When I’m heading to the bath, I use a powered clay mask like that of Namari Staub and mix with an organic Manuka Honey. Staub is a luxurious blend of Moroccan Rhassoul clay to purify the skin while the ground hibiscus firms and tones the complexion. Combine with organic honey to actively brighten the skin and refine the pores. Skin is clear, pore-less and toned. The anti-ageing benefits of this combo are hard to go past while soaking in the bath – and it’s great for both young and mature skin! Our guide to choosing the right face mask can help you find the perfect mask for your skin.



Powdered multi-exfoliant and mask.

Luxury meets a century-old beauty ritual in this skin transforming blend of Moroccan Rhassoul clay, ground hibiscus blossoms, genuine silver and micro-algae. Activated with water, it turns into a lush purple mousse that boosts circulation, draws out impurities and revitalizes on cellular level to reveal a refreshed and rosy complexion.

Best for: detoxify and exfoliate in all skin types

Buff Your Body

Awaken the lymphatic system, stimulate the circulation, and improve the appearance of your limbs in an instant with an all-natural body polish. Body exfoliation is just as important as your twice weekly face polish, and it is vital for keeping the appearance of cellulite at bay, as well keeping the skin looking toned and youthful. French Girl Jasmin Sea Polish is a natural blend of cane sugar and Himalayan sea salt to gently buff the dead skin cells, while exotic Shea butter leaves the skin nourished and replenished. Using an all-natural sea-sponge I gently wash away all traces of the sea polish and pat my skin dry.

Treat the Eyes

End your spa-like experience with a little meditation and a dedicated eye mask. After my twenty-minute soak and polish, I hydrate the face and body with an all-natural mist. The ESYM Eucalyptus Hydrosol is ideal for protecting the skin barrier, it increases the water- holding capacity of the skin due its rich fatty acid properties and anti-bacterial properties keep the skin clear. Follow with a little eye serum, the Laurel Eye Serum is super hydrating, lightweight and leaves my eye area plump looking – with twenty bioactives including Evening Primrose Oil to address fine lines and Bilberry to reduce dark circles, a little goes a long way. I recline and place my Wheatbags Love Eye Pillow across my eyes and spend the last twenty minutes filling my mind with only positive intentions of love and happiness.

Creating an at-home spa experience is so much more than just a glow inducing facial. Change it up each week – think about adding a luxury DIY at-home mani and pedi or include your most loved and share the experience with a couples  facial and soak. Turning your bathroom into a tranquil sanctuary is inspiring and sets good self-care habits into practice. Switching off re-centers your mind and soul, in good stead for a productive week ahead , and why not head into the week or weekend looking your best!

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