Clean SPF Part II: How to Layer Your SPF and Makeup

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Layering your SPF and Makeup 

With summer almost in full swing, quite possibly the biggest beauty dilemma for many of us is just how to successfully apply your SPF and makeup – and HOW to reapply sunscreen without redoing your makeup? With the right products and a little know-how it is possible to have it all when it comes to sun safe and chic makeup without compromise. 

So to have it all, let’s talk about primary and secondary sunscreen application and how to layer your makeup for optimal sun protection while looking great.

Primary Sunscreen 

Primary Sunscreen products are your first line of defence. As the name suggests their main function is to provide defence against the sun. All-natural mineral sunscreens like that of Australian made and owned Little Urchin and Wotnot Natural sunscreen contain skin loving botanical ingredients that provide the skin with extra care as well as SPF30 sun protection.

During the harsh summer months if you are like me, will want a full protection natural SPF under your makeup. Here’s a quick guide to my daily routine that keeps my skin protected without compromising the look of my polished chic makeup for the office.

Your Morning SPF and Makeup Guide:
  1. Cleanse and Mist
  2. Apply your treatment serum and moisturiser
  3. Apply your natural SPF. A natural SPF like Wotnot SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen is ideal under makeup offering broad spectrum UVA and UVB without the white cast and it’s great for sensitive skin including use during pregnancy. It’s also formulated with Shea Butter and Aloe Vera, both brimming with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties so it won’t agitate acne prone skin or sensitive types. For Vegan lifestyles, the PEOPLE4OCEAN Natural Vegan Sunscreen SPF50 is an ideal equivalent, and safe for little ones 3 months and over.
    Once you’ve applied a good cover of your SPF, give it five minutes to “set”.

 4. Apply your favourite natural makeup OVER your natural SPF. For a velvet finish SAINT Flawless Radiance Skincare Foundation offers the antioxidant protection and glow inducing benefits of Kakadu Plum, bringing skin benefits to your polished makeup look. For a buildable dewy coverage with the added benefit of a light SPF15,  MÁDARA Skin Equal Soft Glow Foundation gives a natural seamless look while supporting sensitive and breakout prone skin.

5. Finally, set your look with a translucent powder like  (M)ANASI 7 Silk Finish Powder to create the ultimate semi-matte, flawless AND SPF protected base….. a blank canvas ready for lick of blush and mascara.

How to Reapply SPF During the Day

It can be tricky to reapply sunscreen over makeup. For best results I like a natural sea sponge beauty blender to reapply sunscreen and retouch makeup. Our natural sea sponge beauty blenders are the ideal size for touch ups. Moisten the sponge (make sure it’s squeezed out, not dripping with water), dab in the sunscreen and gently pat into the skin. You can quickly and easily wash your sponge out on the go or use it to reapply a little makeup.

For your handbag and touch ups on-the-go love the Salt & Stone SPF50 Face Stick. This tiny but mighty stick fits perfectly into your pocket or makeup bag and is ideal for touching up the nose, cheeks and upper lip on balmy days. Dust over with a little SAINT Wet/Dry Powder Foundation to uniform the complexion.

Secondary Sunscreen

Secondary Sunscreen is a beauty product that contains sunscreen as an added benefit, but the primary purpose of this product is skincare or makeup. The MÁDARA City CC Anti-Pollution CC Cream SPF15 combines broad spectrum natural mineral sunscreen and skin nourishing ingredients. Antioxidant rich Sea Buckthorn extract brimming with vitamin A and E and Oak extract helps to keep pores clear and promotes healthier skin function – meaning skin is better equipped to defend against the damaging effects of pollution and UVA/UVB rays.

It’s important to keep in mind that a secondary sunscreen is not ample protection for a day at the beach or boating on the harbour. CC Creams are ideal for daily defence like driving in the car and the daily stroll to pick up a coffee. CC or BB Creams are easily layered over a primary sunscreen as an extra line of protection. If you  plan on spending more than time outisde, select a BB Cream with an Australian approved SPF40. 

Ideal for the weekend and for those of us that love a barely there glow inducing sheer coverage the Wotnot Mineral + Makeup Tinted BB Cream provides SPF 40 defence whilst enhancing and correcting the complexion. A protective cream formulated with green tea extract, certified organic Jojoba Oil and Aloe Vera, this matte finish BB Cream is a quick and easy daily option that layers well over your treatment serum and/ or moisturiser. I like to set my BB Cream with a translucent powder like Au Naturale Pore Minimising Finishing Powder, ultra-lightweight eliminating any excess shine without clogging the pores.

For your best defence against the sun proper application is paramount. Follow the instructions recommended by the brand. A day on the water where the reflection amplifies the UVA/UVB or if you are swimming or perspiring it is advisable to reapply every two hours to dry skin and as the age old Aussie sun safe slogan goes: When out in the sun, SLIP on a shirt, SLOP on the sunscreen and SLAP on a hat.

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